The Journey,

It started with a thought, then a dream, then a reality!!!  We have been on the most amazing ride of our lifetime.  It has brought us to the edge of the "Cliff's of Insanity"...literally!  We are excited to share this adventure with you.


Your Hosts,

Will and Laura Feenstra & family are your hosts.   They have grown up here in the Centre Wellington community and loved it so much they decided to raise their family here.  Will and Laura have four children, and have been married for over 17 years.  Will is a youth pastor and counselor; he works along side youth that struggle with anxiety and depression.  He sits with them along the river and guides them through the stress they are dealing with.  Helping the youth to find hope and joy again in their lives.  Laura has an interior design diploma and loves creating atmospheres that people can relax and enjoy themselves in. Combining the passions that both Will and Laura have for youth and couples, they decided to create not just another bed and breakfast to stay at but an experience that their guests can walk away from their property feeling refreshed and inspired in their everyday lives.